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The International Conference of Biomedical Research and Treatment for Autism

12-14 April, 2019

Grand Hotel Napoca, Romania

Find out which biomedical interventions are used successfully in treating autism and help your child to thrive!


If in the ’70s autism was almost unknown, over the last 10 years there has been a concerning high number of cases of autism. In the past 2 years, CDC statistics show an alarming increase of 15% in the US, where currently 1 in 59 children are diagnosed with autism. In Romania, 1 out of 51 children is currently diagnosed with autism. And the numbers are rising, worldwide. The darkest estimates warn that by 2025 in the US 1 in 2 children will suffer from autism. 

At this point we must immediately act and understand beyond these statistics the cause of this phenomenon. And we must realize that these children suffer from biological causes that can be treated.

This 3-day conference presents how the implementation of an integrative approach to autism can ease common medical conditions and behavioural symptoms in children and adults with autistic spectrum disorders. 

All presentations are supported by top professionals to provide participants with essential and immediate steps for a scientific-based approach. 

The first edition of this conference took place in March 2018 and we propose that every year, one week before the Feast of Easter, we will hold a new edition, also in Cluj-Napoca.

Daniela Man is a book author, blogger, a therapist authorized for complementary therapies, nutrition, diet, lifestyle and nutritionist specialized in the Specific Carbohydrate Diet.

After diagnosing her child with autism, Daniela has devoted herself to studying alternative methods of treatment and has managed to help her own child overcome his serious health condition and regain his language by implementing this specific diet and various complementary therapies. Besides the extraordinary results with her own child, Daniela has brought great results to the lives of many people, results that you can read about on her personal blog www.anourishedhome.com (original www.acasaladaniela.ro) and today she offers consultations for families from all over the world.

Daniela is currently working with doctors from all over the world and has also started a non-profit organization in Romania through which she wants to gather the necessary levers for families who need support in their struggle with the effects of autistic spectrum disorders.

Dr. Anju Usman Singh is director of True Health Medical Centre in Naperville, Illinois and owner of Pure Compounding Pharmacy. She has been using evidence based integrative medical interventions to help children diagnosed with ADD, Autism, Allergies, Gastrointestinal issues and related disorders for over 15 years. She has conducted research involving copper/zinc imbalances, metallothionein dysfunction, biofilm related infections, vitamin D in pregnancy, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy. She serves on the executive board for the Autism Society of Illinois as well as the scientific advisory board for Generation Rescue and TACA. She is on faculty for MAPs (Medical Academy for Pediatric Special Needs).

Doctor Nicola Antonucci obtained a specialization in Psychiatry at the University of Bari, Italy in 2005. His daughter was diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in 2006. It was then that he started training in Biomedical Treatment for ASD utilizing the support and mentoring from the Autism Research Institute in San Diego. He is currently director of the “Biomedical Centre for Autism Research and Treatment” in Italy and holds multiple clinics throughout various locations in and around Europe. In 2010, he collaborated with Dr. Dario Siniscalco (Second University of Naples) and together they founded a research group to study molecular and cellular changes in ASD. This group is currently conducting several research trials on advance treatments for ASD, in collaboration with American and European researchers. They have published several papers in international peer-reviewed journals on this subject.

Petros Liolios has trained in the science of education for more than 15 years in all forms of education. In his academic and professional career, searching for essential human responses is a continuing concern.

He attended all courses of Fasciatherapy and D.U. in Perceptual Psychopedagogy (Somatopsihopedagogy in Stress, Physical Pain and Mental Suffering) of Portugal’s Fernando Pessoa University.

He is an Authorized Trainer in Fasciatherapy MDB and Perceptual Psychopathology, Associate Researcher at www.cerap.org and Collaborator at MEDICUM Clinic in Bucharest.


Lydia Ukhaneva-Babenko, M.D., ND, Psychiatrist & Transpersonal Psychotherapist, Su Jok Onnury therapy & Ayurveda specialist, Reiki master-teacher and Angka Yoga instructor; graduated from the Setchenov’s Medical Academy, Moscow, disciple of Rasa Acharya Prabhu Darmayasa.

Dr. Lidia is a Founder and director of Rejuvenation center Green clinic & Angka café Ltd in Malta, coordinator of Angka meditation movement in Europe and Russia.

Dr. Lidia’s professional vision goes beyond health itself to embrace the full-body, mind, soul awakening and to re-connect with the spiritual source of nature within everyone. She believes that the chronic malnutrition, a lack of knowledge and a lack of loving self-attitude are the causes of statistically growing diseases and violence, created the social illness as wars and racism. During her workshops, many realized that the conscious eating, emotions- mind management and meditation can be a natural cure for most un-wellness, it can provide illuminate health and integrative being for individuals, towards humanistic values, for the better life of our next generation.

Raun K. Kaufman-Diagnosed with severe autism in 1975, his parents were advised to institutionalize him. Instead, they made the opposite: they entered his world, understood him, accepted and loved him unconditionally.

In his book “Autism Breakthrough: The Groundbreaking Method That Has Helped Families All Over The World” he wrote: “And as my parents really began to understand my world while communicating to me in more than a thousand ways, many times, that I was safe, that I was loved, that I was accepted, that something amazing happened, a connection began to form, slowly, carefully, I began to look behind the veil of my special world. began to join my world. “

Currently, he is the Global Education Director at the Autism Treatment Center of America®,

The program developed by its parents, Barry “Bears” Kaufman and Samahria Lyte Kaufman, now helps families across the world in over 124 countries, children of all ages, from 18 months to 60 years old.

The Son-Rise® program is a powerful, effective and completely unique treatment for children and adults challenged by autism, autism spectrum disorders, peripheral development disorder (PDD), Asperger syndrome and other developmental difficulties.

Dr. Daria Dulfu graduated the Faculty of General Medicine from UMF Cluj-Napoca and the Family Medicine specialty in 2001. In search of answers regarding the healing and understanding of the complexity of a treatment addressed to the patient’s individual needs, she started studying some branches of medicine alternative in parallel with allopathic medicine. She is part of the first generation of graduates of the Faculty of Nutrition and Dietetics at UMF Cluj-Napoca, she has attended the courses of an integrative nutritional module and continues to practice nutritional therapy.

Daria Dulfu is a specialist in complementary therapies, and since 2016 she works in the Transilvania Healing Center clinic, practicing integrative medicine with outstanding results in treating autoimmune diseases, allergies and complications, peristaltic intestinal syndrome and related disorders but also in autistic spectrum disorders.

Doctor Dario Siniscalco is biochemist for the Department of Experimental Medicine of the University of Campania, Italy.  He graduated in Chemistry from the University of Naples “Federico II” in 2000 and received his Ph.D. in Pharmacological Sciences from the Second University of Naples in 2004. He completed his neuropathology fellowship at University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA before joining the Second University of Naples staff in 2006. He is registered member of the following scientific societies: Order of the Chemists of Campania, National Council for Chemistry, Stem Cell Research Italy, International Association of Neurorestoratology, European Association for Chemical and Molecular Sciences, Italian Pharmacological Society, Cell Death Research Group – University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA.

In 2010, in collaboration with dr. Nicola Antonucci, he founded a research group to study cellular and molecular changes in autism spectrum disorders. Author or co-author of 80 scientific peer-reviewed papers and 10 book chapters. His works received more than 1734 citations so far (h-index 26). Presented  95 communications/abstracts to national and international conferences. He is serving as an editorial board member and reviewer of more than 40 international journals.

His main research interests: gene expression and molecular regulation in autism spectrum disorders; use of stem cells as therapeutic tool in autism; role of macrophage activation in autism. Other research interests: stem cells therapy for the neuronal recovery; studying of neuronal apoptosis. Role of  bcl-2 family, caspases, and cell cycle regulator genes.

He has been nominated as Editor-in-Chief of the international peer-reviewed journal Autism OpenAccess, Omics group.

Full publication list is here:  http://orcid.org/0000-0002-3779-2596

Doctor Marco Ruggiero was born in Firenze, Italy in 1956. He graduated from the School of Medicine, in 1980. He has a PhD in Molecular Biology and a specialization in Diagnostic Radiology. He served in the Army as Medical Officer. In 1984-1986 he worked at the Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Biology of Burroughs Wellcome Co, where he published a paper in PNAS sponsored by Nobel Laureate Sir John Vane. He worked at the National Cancer Institute of the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, MD, where he performed research on oncogenes and signal transduction. He returned to Italy as Professor of Molecular Biology at the University of Firenze until his retirement in 2014. He moved to Arizona in 2015.

Together with his wife Dr. Stefania Pacini, he is the inventor of the probiotic yogurt “Bravo”, and its derivatives. Marco Ruggiero has invented “Rerum”, a powerful, non-protein, Macrophage Activating Factor (MAF) and has developed the Ruggiero-Klinghardt Protocol. In 2017, Marco Ruggiero developed a method to enhance efficacy of DNA vaccines and envisaged the concepts of relativistic time dilation and biological quantum entanglement as they relate to cancer, autism and chronic conditions.

According to a paper of his publishes in 2017, “as we slow down the passing of time at the level of DNA, everything about medicine will be revolutionized. Cells will have time to repair damages to the genome and the epigenome, diseases will be cured from the inside before they manifest themselves, and humans will be entitled to live without aging” (J Neurol Stroke, 2017 7(7): 00263. DOI: 10.15406/jnsk.2017.07.00263).

Miguel Damas, MD., Clinical director of Nordic Clinic by Cristina Sales, in Porto has a unique background. Besides being a conventionally trained medical doctor, he was educated in the principles of Functional Medicine from early childhood, by his mother Cristina Sales, MD., who could claim to have been the Godmother of Functional Medicine in Portugal. He was also one of the first European doctors to be trained by Professor Cícero Coimbra on the Coimbra Protocol and how vitamin D can be used to treat autoimmune conditions. Dr Damas is very knowledgeable on the effects vitamin D has in the brain and how it can help children with autism.

Tatjana Mijatovic holds Ph.D. in Molecular Biology. She authored 50 publications in peer-reviewed journals (21 as first or senior author/ 29 as co-author) and holds 2 granted patents as first author. Since 2011 Tatjana Mijatovic is Project Leader, Lab Manager and CSO at R.E.D. Laboratories. R.E.D. Laboratories is Belgium-based Biotech Company developing and performing specialty tests to assess multifactorial afflictions like CFS, chronic immune dysfunctions, chronic infections, intestinal dysfunctions, autism, etc. Dr Mijatovic is active in number of international scientific groups and networks aiming to advance knowledge in biological markers of autism. Previously, Dr Mijatovic performed as (i) R&D Project Leader and Head of Biology in Biotech Company specialized in the discovery of new anti-cancer agents, (ii) Publications Manager consultant for Pharmaceutical Companies and (iii) scientist at Free University of Brussels (ULB) in Belgium.

Doctor Ovidiu Pop has been practicing homeopathy for over 20 years with exceptional results in chronic cases and autism.

Mr. Adrian Vornicu is a specialist in Vincent Bioelectronics (France), Electromagnetic Biocompatibility and Micronutrition.

Dr. Feldrihan Vasile is Immunologist, specialized in classical medicine (immunology-allergology and laboratory medicine) as well as in biological, integrative medicine, having as sole purpose the identification of disorders and imbalances within the body.

   His approach to patients includes diagnosis and personalized therapy for various pathologies with an immuno-pathogenic substrate such as various forms of allergies, autoimmune diseases, immunodeficiency, infections or various other immune imbalances.

   Acquiring knowledge from both medical systems, I will always try to integrate the latest methods into medical practice in order to provide each patient with the most appropriate treatment based on the eradication of the cause and not the suppression of the symptoms.

   In the THC clinic, this approach is contrived by working with dedicated specialists and providing each patient with a personalized therapeutic support during targeted, easy-to-use, tolerated, non-adverse medical procedures that have an impact on the entire body and are effective on long term.

Conference program


14.30-15.15 Doctor Miguel Damas-What if vitamin D could help an autistic brain?

15.30-16.30-Doctor Tanja Mijatovic, PhD-The importance of assessing inflammation and gastrointestinal disorders in ASD patients

16.30-17.00-Coffee break

17.00-18.00-Raun K. Kaufman-Autism Breakthrough: Transforming your child’s communication and social development

18.00-18.30-Doctor Feldrihan Vasile-Toxic and infectious factors involved in immunopathogenesis of autism

18.30-19.15-Q&A session


9.00-10.00-Doctor Dario Siniscalco- Autism: new molecular targets for possible therapeutics

10.00-11.00-Doctor Lidia Babenko-Su Jok method and Onnuri therapy for correction of conditions and speech development of children with autism spectrum

11.00-11.30-Coffee break

11.30-12.30-Petros Liolios- Addressing interaction stress in families with people with disabilities using Perceptual Psychopedagogy

12.30-13.30-Anju Usman Singh- Methylation and Nutrigenomics

13.30-15.00-Lunch break

15.00-16.00-Nicola Antonucci- Detoxification as main target in Autism

16.00-17.30-Parent and Therapist testimonials

17.30-18.30 Doctor Marco Ruggiero- Clinical Experience of Integrative Autism Treatment with a Novel Type of Immunotherapy

18.30-19.30-Q&A session

20.00-22.00-Gala dinner


9.00-10.00-Adrian Vornicu- The Impact of Electrosmog in Autism (Pulse Frequencies and Blood Brain)

10.00-10.30-Doctor Lidia Babenko-Dynamic Chronotherapy of dr. Borisov

10.30-11.00-Coffee break

11.00-12.00-Doctor Anju Usman Singh- Cell Membrane Repair, Good Fats and Apraxia

12.00-13.00-Doctor Nicola Antonucci- Inflammation and Neuro-Immune Dysregulations in Autism

13.00-13.30-Doctor Daria Dulfu-Diagnosis and Biophysical Treatment of Food Intolerances in Autism

13.30-14.30-Doctor Ovidiu Pop-Homeopathy in Autism Treatment

14.30-15.15-Q&A session


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